Dust Bowl Motel - Katie’s Goin’ To California is the story of Katie Joe Dawkins, A young 30 something woman, who has dreamed for years of moving to California with her boyfriend, Johnny Ray Perkins, to build a better life there. Finally she is forced to face the disillusionment of her life running a seedy motel in the panhandle of Oklahoma with a weak womanizing alcoholic partner and facing the prospect of her own fading beauty. 

A confrontation is precipitated when Johnny's one time lover, Rosalita, returns, his imminent departure and the return of an old acquaintance, Dusty Wagner.  Dusty a musician-songwriter, who, after years on the road, wants to settle down and turn the motel restaurant into a successful entertainment roadhouse, featuring his own music. 

Now, on the verge of following her long-held dreams of a life in California, Katie is faced with new options created with Dusty's success in opening the roadhouse and his obvious growing feelings for her.


Katie’s dream of a better life out west is exemplified in the metaphor so evident in many people’s lives, that their “California” is right in front of them.  Dust Bowl Motel is a story of awakening the present moment to realize the joy of the dream within.  It is a journey through which the central character experiences the transformation from the reliance on the physical form and place for happiness, to the acceptance of presence, which opens up the depth of a life enjoyed.